Sutton United FC (Gambia)

At Sutton our community work does not stop just in the local community, it reaches thousands of miles to the West African state of The Gambia where you will find the village of Lamin, home to Sutton United FC (Gambia) or SUFCG.

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For 1k you would get two years of advertising via this web-site, with every penny going to SUFC Gambia. But it goes further than that, because the story would undoubtedly find its way into national and regional newspapers and perhaps TV, and now is the time to try as the U’s are in the public eye after reaching the First Round of the Cup. Of course, if you are a company that has business dealings with The Gambia then it could be especially attractive.

If you are interested, please e-mail or contact us via the community link at bottom of this page for more information.

The Gambia is the smallest African nation with a population of just 1.7 million and is just 48 Km wide and is centred around the Gambian River. Ranked 144th in the World The Gambia is considered a third world nation with the average wage of just £25 per month.

Lamin Village is in the district of Kombo just outside the capital city Banjul the Countries main tourist destination with its famous Abuko Nature Reserve. The club formed in 1999 by 17 local teenagers bought together by bible classes was originally known as Sanchaba United. Read more about the clubs history.

SUFCG proudly sporting the famous amber and chocolate kit donated by the mother club

Then an English visitor named Walter appeared on the scene and took the team to his heart. He made an impassioned plea for the club to re-name itself again, this time after his own local side back in England SUTTON UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB. We known as the mother club were only too happy to adopt them. (If you are Walter or know him please lets us know!)


Sutton United (Gambia) only has a training ground and not a stadium, not even the richest club in the country has a stadium. Scheduled matches are played in parks and on public community pitches. None of the clubs in Gambia has its own web-site.

To follow the team’s exploits, see GAMBIA in main menu!

A special thanks to Errea, our kit suppliers, for the donation of sportswear including tracksuits, shirts, t-shirts, footballs and also to Allgold Coins, one of our Super Sponsor Club members, for their continued sponsorship of SUFCG.


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