Sutton United Acting Positively on CO2

Sutton United is delighted to become the world’s first Planet Positive football club.

Everyone will be aware of the threat that we all face from climate change and businesses across the globe are working hard to reduce their own carbon footprints, to be more efficient in the ways that they use energy. Of course, some people remain sceptical of the effect of human activities on the planet’s atmosphere but the beauty of energy efficiency as a means of mitigating the impacts of climate change is that it remains a good thing to do irrespective of the accuracy of the science. Who wouldn’t want to use less energy and save money ?

There are many things that we can try to do within the club to reduce our carbon footprint, particularly in the way we operate our premises at the Borough Sports Ground but also our travel to away games. There are also things that spectators can do in terms of how they travel to matches and also what our supporters and, indeed, anyone at all can do in terms of their everyday lives. Nearly all of these are actions that will not cost anything to implement but will save money in energy and fuel costs, and we all know how expensive petrol is these days.

Here we have attached a link to our sustainability positive statement and below that there are links to some guidance documents on how to reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainability Statement    Click here

Guidance for visiting fans    Click here

Guidance for Sutton fans    Click here

Guidance for the home    Click here

Follow this link for Sutton United on the Planet Positive website: amberturnsgreen


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