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Amber 500

This is your opportunity to win up to £7,000 in the Amber 500 draw!

What is it? It is a raffle. Each ticket costs £100 and can be bought individually or in syndicates. There are a maximum of 500 tickets available.

Why are we doing it? To enable the club to fund first team away travel this season in the National League. We all know how expensive it is to travel in this Division and we want to do it in such a way as gives our players the best chance to prepare properly and perform for Sutton United FC.

What could I win? The prize fund equates to 20% of the money raised from the raffle. If we sell all 500 tickets( as we hope to), that means we have £10,000 in the prize fund and there will be three cash prizes – £7,000 for the holder of the first ticket drawn out, £2,000 for second and £1,000 for third. There will also be three “money can’t buy” non-cash prizes which will be announced after the launch.

Your Amber 500 sales ambassadors:

Ian B
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Competition Terms & Conditions

Participants in the Sutton United Football Club (“the Club”) Amber 500 Draw (“the Draw”) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

The Draw is registered with London Borough of Sutton as a Small Society Lottery under registration number 19/00642/GSSLR.

PROMOTER – Sutton United Football Club Limited, Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Lane, Sutton SM1 2EY.

RESPONSIBLE PERSON – Jason Reynolds, Commercial Operations Manager.

1. The Draw

1.1. Tickets for the Draw cost £100 each. Participants can purchase more than one ticket. The Draw will be made on Wednesday 1st January 2020.
1.2. A maximum of 500 tickets will be sold. 20% of the value of tickets sold will form the prize money, so that if all 500 tickets are sold the prize money will total £10,000.
1.3. There will be six prizes. The first three will be cash prizes, the first being for 70% of the prize money, the second 20% and the third 10%. The next three will be non-cash prizes which will be announced on the Club’s website ( after tickets go on sale on Saturday 24th August 2019 (“the Launch Date”).

2. Participation and Winning

2.1. Tickets can be purchased by cheque or by debit or credit card on or after the Launch Date from one of the club’s designated ticket sellers, online or by phone (020 8644 4440). Details of ticket sellers are published on the Club’s website.
2.2. Participants must provide their name, address and phone number when purchasing tickets and must advise the Club of any change to such details.
2.3. Prizewinners must produce their ticket and, if requested, suitable proof of identification when claiming their prize. The Club reserves the right not to deliver a prize until the Responsible Person is satisfied with regard to the claimant’s identity.
2.4. Cash prizes will be in the form of sterling cheques made payable to the winning participant. Any cheques remaining uncashed after six months will be cancelled by the Club and the amount of the cancelled cheque will be donated to the Club.
2.5. A list of prize winners will be published on the Club’s website within seven days of the Draw together with details of how prizes can be claimed. This information can also be obtained by phoning the Club on 020 8644 4440 during office hours.
2.6. In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, participants in the Draw must be aged 16 or over at the time of ticket purchase. If it is established by the Club that any prizewinner was under the age of 16 at the time of ticket purchase, the prize will be withheld and, if a cash prize, donated to the Club. NOTE: It will be a criminal offence for anyone aged under 16 to participate in the Draw.
2.7. For the avoidance of doubt and save for the Responsible Person, all paid staff, volunteers, officers and shareholders of the Club may participate in the Draw.
2.8. Tickets will be sold and prizes awarded to individual participants only. If any participant who purchases a ticket on behalf of a syndicate is a prizewinner it will be the responsibility of such participant, and not of the Club, to share the prize with the other member(s) of the syndicate.
2.9. Individuals wishing, in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, to be self-excluded from the Draw, may submit their self-exclusion instruction to the Club by letter, email or telephone. Such self-exclusion will apply for 12 months from the date the instruction is submitted.
2.10. The Club will have no liability for any loss or delay of payment or of other communication sent by post, email or by a bank or building society.
2.11. Where the participant makes payment by debit or credit card, the Club will not take any further card payment without permission from the cardholder.
2.12. Payments for tickets for the Draw are not eligible for Gift Aid.

3. Data Protection

All data in possession of the Club is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and will not be passed or sold to any other organisation.

4. Complaints Procedure

Any complaints relating to the Draw will be dealt with in accordance with the Club’s Complaints Procedure. Any complaint that cannot be so resolved may be passed to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service for arbitration, in accordance with an agreement between the Club, the Gambling Commission and the Lotteries Council.