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Strikers Are Key

Our fundraising initiative that is somewhat of a spectacle is the fabulous Strikers Are Key, now in its ninth year. 

To be part of the hottest draw in town, players or syndicates pay £360 a season to be one of the 50 balls placed in the purple velvet bag. With the chance of opening the Strikers Are Key Safe and winning big!

After every home game, £200 gets placed in the safe plus an additional £50 for designated goal scorers. 

A ball is draw from the purple bag and the chosen syndicate then has a 1-4 chance of picking out the right key from the green velvet bag to open the safe. 

If the wrong key is drawn they receive £50 in consolation and the money rolls over.

All the balls are currently taken, but should you be interested should one become available, please contact Claire Loughlin. 

So be sure to watch out for our very own Vice Chairman Adrian Barry in his golden sequin jacket carrying his accordion after a home game, because that means the shows about to start! 

Draw One - 28 August

Draw One - £350 was up for grabs, with £200 as standard and the additional £150 coming courtesy of goals from Omar Bugiel, Donovan Wilson and David Ajiboye.

Ball 18 was pulled from the bag - The Mulligans.

Unfortunately they pulled out the wrong key to open the safe, so walked away with £50 in consolation.

With £350 rolling over to the next draw, giving us a minimum of £550 to be potentially be won after our home game against Stevenage on 11 September.