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Sutton United Youth and Community Foundation

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Objectives and Activities

The Foundation was formed in 2018, consolidating some of the already established Community programmes at Sutton United Football Club to ensure that further activities could be provided to the Community through a shared passion, vision and expertise.

Our main objective continues to aim to provide public benefit to the Community (Sutton and its adjoining boroughs) through Community participation in healthy recreational activities.

To achieve this objective, we continue our focus on providing the necessary facilities and support, primarily centred at Sutton United FC, but also by direct engagement with the Community where they live.

The Foundation has always strived to provide a safe and secure environment and we continue to ensure we have an open policy on participation.

There are no barriers to entry by reason of age, ethnicity, gender or ability, nor are the local community prevented from joining due to difficult financial or social circumstances; everyone is welcome to come along and be part of their Community and hopefully improve their wellbeing.

In their ongoing operation of the Foundation the Trustees continue to have regard to the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit and are committed to ensuring this is upheld.

Achievements and Performance

Read our Trustees’ Report here.

Structure, Governance and Management

The Foundation, which is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, is based on the objectives contained in our Constitution and on the people involved, their passion, willingness, knowledge and expertise.

We are governed by a group of trustees (maximum 9). All trustees are vetted prior to appointment and new trustees are elected at regular meetings of the Foundation. The current list can be found on the Charity Commission website, those in office at the date of this report being:

Adrian Barry – Chairman
Lee Daley – Treasurer
Philip Letts
Russell Boots-Taylor
Faye Butler
Andrew Harris
Steve King
Phillip Hedger

We are assisted in these roles by:

Head of the Foundation – Bobby Childs
Secretary – Shan Sullivan

We also have a large number of Volunteers who help us on a day to day basis with the various community programmes – without their help and dedication a lot of our work would simply not happen.

Get Involved

We welcome everyone who would like to be involved and appreciate any ideas for fundraising and opportunities to work with other sectors of the Community. If you have any ideas, please get in touch with the Head of The Foundation:

Bobby Childs – 020 8644 4440 or by email to

Sutton United Youth and Community Foundation is an independent charity registered in England and Wales with the Charity Commission. Registration number 1178888. A full list of current trustees can be found at the Charity Commission.