Sutton United Football Club is a wholly-owned entity of Sutton United Football Club Limited.

Company Number 519334.

Sutton United FC is run by a management committee comprising directors’ representatives, elected officers and co-opted members. The chairman of the club is currently Bruce Elliott. The committee looks after the day-to-day operation of the club.
Sutton United Football Club Limited is a limited company with clearly defined objectives. It is does not issue a dividend and shares do not trade: transfer of share ownership and all applications for shares must be approved by the board of directors.
The chairman of the board is currently Dave Farebrother, with Dave Mathers as vice-chairman. There is no majority shareholder but two shareholders, Nawaf Al Shammari and Christian Fassetta, holds a significant interest (i.e. 10% or over) in the shareholding of Sutton United Football Club Limited.
The board is responsible for the club’s long-term strategy and financial position.


Dave Farebrother, David Mathers, Bruce Elliott, Patricia Carr, Adrian Barry, Martin Copus, Tony Holland, Philip Letts, Micky Joyce, Graham Starns, Lee Wallis, Brian Williams.
Sutton United Supporters’ Trust is a legally registered body that holds shares in Sutton United FC Ltd. The Trust currently has one representative on the board of directors and one on the management committee and works closely with directors and officers to achieve mutually desirable goals.

CSR Report 2014

Policy Documents

Health and Safety

Planet Mark Certificate
Equal Opportunities
Showing Respect

Sutton United is a FA Charter Standard Community Club and fully supports the FA’s Respect campaign. We were the first football club in the world to receive Planet Positive status and are now proud to be holders of the Planet Mark, in partnership with the Eden Project.


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