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United We Stand 2020

After the Coronavirus pandemic forced us to shut the doors at Gander Green Lane in the middle of March, we have been inundated with messages from supporters as to how they can contribute to help THEIR club in this time of need. 

As we have been at pains to communicate in our weekly Board messages, we continue to work very hard to secure funds to enable the club to bounce back after the enforced lay off. 

However, the effects of Covid-19 have left a sizeable gap to fill and substantial costs will also be incurred as we prepare for and start the new season with very limited income opportunities available at the present time to pay for them.

United We Stand - Get Involved!

Or enter a custom amount:
Alternatively, why not set up a standing order for ten monthly payments? Simply download and print off the Standing Order application form and present it to your bank or building society.

The Scheme

United We Stand 2020 runs from 22nd August and the first of five weekly draws takes place on 17th October 2020. All funds raised from this very important initiative will be directed solely towards the club’s playing and operating costs.

The scheme invites one-off payments as well as monthly pledges. EVERY contributor, regardless of the amount donated, will receive a special “United We Stand 2020” commemorative lapel pin badge and EVERY contributor will also be entered into five weekly prize draws.

The Prizes

5 weekly draws, the first being on 17th October 2020. Each week will offer a different prize – all, of course, complying with up-to-date social distancing regulations:

Limited Edition Pin Badge

Everybody who takes part in the scheme will receive a special United We Stand 2020 commemorative metal pin badge. Badges will be available to collect from the club office from 11th September – alternatively we can post them to you for an additional cost of £3 postage and packaging.

We hope that you – our fantastic supporters, volunteers and local businesses – will donate what you can to help YOUR football club get back to work and fill some of the big financial hole we have had to endure as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Please also share this page to spread the word as widely as possible.

Get your name on this donation page, wear your “United We Stand 2020” badge with pride and be part of this amazing family.

Thank you in advance for your brilliant support!

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United We Stand 2020

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